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Happy Mother's Day!

Sun May 10, 2015, 3:21 PM
Hello! This is Tooth reporting for duty! It's Mother's day and I'm stuck watching Jack again, like a good motherly figure. I'm kidding, I love being around Jack, although he pranks me about his teeth all the time and it just makes me steaming mad like a dumpling!

Anyhow, my main goal was to alert you to the fact that this is my journal skin, I made it myself (Jack programmed it 'cause I'm busy with work), so please don't try to take it if you know a magical way. If you see this journal skin then it's moi speaking, either as Tooth or Kristoff, the two characters on my cosplay coin (Eh? Eh? Right? Awesome journal skin to represent that heck yea!). I sell items on the Frostplay Etsy, check it out if you're interested! *Wink wink Kigurumis nudge nudge* Hopefully I'll have both regular Kristoff and Toothiana done by Anime Expo, the next con Frostplay will be attending (Well, most of Frostplay.)! Two days as Toothiana and two days as Kristoff! Hopefully, I'm quite busy until June 18th so if I get both of them done completely it'll be a miracle! Anyhow, just saying hi and introducing myself! See ya later! And don't forget to floss! *walks off to get floss because I just reminded myself*



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I am Jack Frost. He his my One True Character (OTC). Yes, yes, I know what some of you are thinking: "Yup, it's official. This person is nuts...", but you didn't let me finish. I really connect with Jack; the way he jokes around, his free-spirited nature, his mannerisms, even! Jack is known to be a mischievous trouble-maker, but in the most innocent and fun way. Without describing the way my life completely altered in the summer of 2013, I'll just sum it up with having a spiritual experience, seeing a theatrical event called Man in the Moon, and then seeing Rise of the Guardians. In short, those three events in my life helped me find out who I am and what my purpose is. Starting to see the connection? Jack reminds me of myself, he appears to be care-free and happy all the time, but there is more depth to his character than what meets the eye.

My Little Sis <3


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